(Windsor, Ontario) – RoundTail® CEO and Inventor Lou Tortola is pleased to announce his RoundTail® bike is being added to the vast collection of The Bicycle Museum of America, located at 7 West Monroe Street in New Bremen, Ohio.

Tortola is proud to be presenting the museum with one of the first production prototypes of the RoundTail®, manufactured for the 2011 Interbike show in Las Vegas. “I am very humbled that something I’ve worked so hard to develop as an idea is now both a reality and is being exhibited in such an esteemed institution as the Bicycle Museum of America,” says Tortola.
The Bicycle Museum of America has been in New Bremen, Ohio since 1997. The museum exhibits over 350 bicycles, the core of which is the Schwinn family collection formerly displayed at the Navy Pier in Chicago. With its total rotating acquisitions (no pun intended) numbering over 1,000 bicycles, the Bicycle Museum of America is the largest private collection in the world open to the public. It houses elegant antique bicycles from the 19th century, balloon tire classics of the 1940s and 1950s, even the banana seat high-rise handle bar bikes of the 1960s; alongside these fine bicycles, it is now adding the RoundTail® Bike! You can visit the museum online at bicyclemuseum.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/BicycleMuseum.
“The RoundTail® is an amazing technological breakthrough in the cycling world,” says Matt Staugler, Bicycle Museum of America Conservator and Researcher. “The dual-ring design affords riders a new and incredible level of comfort while maintaining top-notch performance standards. It’s a remarkable invention that we’re very happy to have here at the Bicycle Museum of America.”
The RoundTail® design removes the standard seat stay, chain stay and seat tube of the typical diamond-shaped bike design and, instead, two rings support the weight of the rider. This revolutionary new design creates a vertically compliant, laterally stiff ride with numerous benefits. The unique design of the RoundTail® eliminates jarring road vibrations to a significant degree, increasing comfort, the length of individual rides and the number of years people can enjoy cycling.
For more RoundTail® information, including videos of the RoundTail® in action, visit us at www.roundtailbike.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/roundtailBIKE and on Twitter at twitter.com/roundtailBIKE.
For more information, email lt@roundtail.ca or call 519-818-9698.