New Bremen, Ohio (February 25, 2013) – The Bicycle Museum of America is pleased to announce the recent addition of a “Made in America” exhibit featuring current production models and bicycle components manufactured here in the United States of America. The exhibit opened in the beginning of January and will remain open, adding in demand pieces, throughout the year 2013. “After hearing the Schwinn story and touring the museum, guests often ask what bicycles are currently made in the States,” offers The Bicycle Museum of America Coordinator Jessica Howison, “it inspired us to reach out to companies and design an exhibit showcasing the American made bicycles.” Consumers today have a variety of options from both big and small national companies, a platform the museum continues to add to for the visitors.

“Project X” is a current production out of New Jersey by Weaver Cycle Works. The bicycle is being custom built and specially documented on their company blog for The Bicycle Museum of America. The bicycle will be on loan at the museum upon completion. The museum has an array of brilliant bicycle and component examples including those from: White Industries in California, Ecologic Designs, Inc. Green Guru Gear in Colorado, Gear Up in Kansas, L.H. Thomson in Georgia, Bowery Lane Bicycles in New York, Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, Inc. in California, Rhoades Car in Tennessee, and Sojourner Cyclery in Ohio. Museum Assistant Matt Staugler has been contacting businesses and researching viable options for the exhibit. He proclaims, “Made in America is a truly unique exhibit, one that showcases not only beautiful bicycles, but also the ingenuity and creativeness of American builders and companies all over the country.”

The Bicycle Museum of America, which displays over 300 bicycles and has over 1200 in its collection, will continue to add to “Made in America” throughout the year. The Bicycle Museum has new hours, now open Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5PM and Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM, with extended hours starting in June. For more information about the “Made in America” exhibit or the museum go to or call the museum at 419-629-9249.

Caption should read: Bowery Lane Bicycles currently handmade in New York City is just one of many beautifully built American made bicycles on display at The Bicycle Museum of America.