Welcome to the Bicycle Museum of America. Our museum has approximately 230 bicycles on display and 900 in our total collection!  Come see us and embark on a guided or self-guided adventure! Learn more about the history of the bicycle and how it helped shape the American landscape through innovation and design.  

Our mission is to provide an understanding through interpretation, social relevance and the dissemination of information on bicycles and cycling on a global and historical platform.

Bicycle of the Month

c. 1920 Mead Ranger Motorbike

Chicago, Illinois

The Ranger Motorbike was designed for young teenagers, though the bike is large enough to fit an adult rider. The 20-inch frame was the recommended size for most riders, though it was made in both larger and smaller sizes to fit the person.

“The Electric Lamp has a special clamp that enables the rider to mount it on the front of the mudguard over the front wheel. The battery case may be mounted on the top bar or on the handlebar, and the ‘on-and-off’ switch is easily accessible to the rider, as shown in the illustration. To add the last detail of completeness to a model that already leads the world for style and new features, we are fitting all-new Ranger Motorbike models with a new Hand Horn, regular automobile style, but so beautifully and compactly made that it weight only a trifle over a one-half pound.”

Mead Ranger Bicycles No. 223 1923

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