Welcome to the Bicycle Museum of America. Our museum has approximately 230 bicycles on display and 900 in our total collection!  Come see us and embark on a guided or self-guided adventure! Learn more about the history of the bicycle and how it helped shape the American landscape through innovation and design.  

Our mission is to provide an understanding through interpretation, social relevance and the dissemination of information on bicycles and cycling on a global and historical platform.

Bicycle of the Month

c. 1968 Huffy Camaro

In an effort to create brand loyalty, a bicycle modeled after the famed Indian motorcycle was made using a German-based manufacturer. Despite the global impact of the Great Depression and Germany’s financial crisis following WWI, the Indian Motorcycle Co. was able to remain a steady producer and innovator.

The Indian Manufacturing Co. only had a limited number of these bicycles imported before the outbreak of WWII in 1939.

This bicycle demonstrates how companies navigated production during the inter-war era. It also shows the rising popularity of motorcycles and the shift towards marketing bicycles to America’s youth and growing racing enthusiasts as the primary demographic emerging in the mid-20th century.

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